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Professional Development 
for the NGSS

Transform the way 
you teach science.
PD for the Next Generation 
Science Standards is finally here.
Get Lifeliqe PD

Learn how to implement the NGSS

Learn how to implement NGSS

for middle school and high school lessons

  • how to teach science according to the NGSS
  • grades 6 - 12 (middle & high school)
  • includes Lifeliqe interactive 3D models
  • includes a video webinar by Helen Gooch Lianos
  • Includes 5E instructional model
Includes the following titles:
  • Biology for High School
  • Physics for High School
  • Chemistry for High School
  • Earth and Space Science for High School
  • Life Science
  • Physical Science
Based on the three dimensions of science learning according to the NGSS:
  • Science and engineering practices
  • Cross-cutting concepts
  • Disciplinary core ideas

Master the new way 
of teaching 
science with 3D

Get Lifeliqe PD

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