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Lifeliqe for Schools

Digital science curricula that 
learning outcomes 
while helping teachers
with professional development.
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Core STEM curricula

or supplement to textbooks

Lifeliqe can be used as the core curricula

or it can supplement textbooks.

  • NGSS & Common Core aligned
  • correlated to major science textbooks
  • for middle & high schools
  • more than 1,500 interactive 3D models
  • student access for easy share

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Extend Lifeliqe curricula 
with VR or MR

Get the Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality 
extensions and engage your 
even further!

Choose from classroom, 
school or district option.

Prices start as low as $8 per student a year.
Prices from $8 per student a year.
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Increase performance 
among students

We asked over 4,000 students and teachers from more than
100 countries about their experience with Lifeliqe.
Lifeliqe's interactive 3D content has a proven impact on learning.
Read more about a study by the 
International Research Agency
Why is 3D better than traditional textbooks?
A team led by Professor Anne Bamford, Director of the International Research Agency,
made a research on the impact of 3D on learning.
  • Increased

    Students remembered more, with better detail and quality and were able to explain function and processes.
  • Improved
    Test Scores

    86 % of students have improved their results. Rate of improvement was double compared to 2D classrooms.
  • Increased

    3D content increased student attention by 90 %. Additionally, 84 % of students agreed that learning improve.
  • Better

    Students in 3D classes were more active. They were writing and saying more and used 3D models to show learning.
LIFE 1 Project (Learning in Future Education) interpreted by Dr. Anne Bamford (International Research Agency, UK). Learn more.
Read more about a study by the 
International Research Agency

Watch how other schools 
use Lifeliqe

Proven by schools,
inspired by educators,
loved by students.

Lifeliqe is used 
at districts around the U.S.

Proven to increase engagement and understanding in STEM. In 1,500+ school districts across the U.S. and 119 countries.

Do you want to try 
Lifeliqe in your school?

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